Step 1: The Planning

Quoting: Upon contracting us, an appointment will be made. During the appointment we will identify your needs and scope of project. We will take all the necessary measurements, examine the problems and recommend a suitable solution. We will then follow-up with a proposal detailing the options and pricing.

Scheduling: When you’re ready, we will schedule your installation date and order your materials. (Weather pending on start date.)


Step 2: The Project

Material Delivery, Loading and Site Prep: The materials are delivered to the job site and first deposit is expected. The materials will be delivered on the ground closet to your home. This may require the driveway to be available for work trucks and materials. This will usually occur a day or two prior to the start of the job.

Tear off Replacement: If you are tearing of the roof, tarps and /or staging will be placed over all bushes as protection to your landscaping and property. We will tear-off the roof and haul off the debris in a dump truck. (No dumpsters!)


Step 3: Completion of Installation

Roof Installation: During this phase of the project you are welcome to walk around and enjoy your new roof.

Clean Up: We pick up all trash resulting from the roof and use a magnetic tool to find any nails. We try our best to find all the nails but I would be on the lookout for a couple of weeks just in case we missed one or two.

Inspection: The owner of The Roofer LLC, does a final inspection.  Does any corrective work or final cleanup, if any.  At this time the final payment is due.